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What is Fit2surf Online?

Fit2surf is strength and conditioning specifically designed for surfers.

Fit2surf will allow you to access the most effective technique and coaching tips with up to date surf fitness exercises to help with your surfing.

Everyone is different and every surfer has their own unique style in the water. So, we all need to concentrate on different aspects of our fitness to improve our surfing. The different workouts can focus on areas that you want to focus on or we can develop a completely personalised exercise program is designed for you.

So why train for surfing?

A long session in the water can take it out of you, so improving your fitness will allow you to surf longer, harder and more often. With improved fitness comes increased confidence to push your limits in bigger waves or to get that competitive edge. Training these specific areas of fitness, will help to improve you as a surfer through:

Balance - helps with weight transfer through each turn.
Strength - allows for maximum speed and power through each turn.
Agility- increases fluidity between each turn.
Flexibility- reduces injury and enables your body to be put into awkward positions.
Endurance- ensures that you will surf harder, surf for longer and ultimately enjoy your surfing.


What are your current program options?

1. Personalised Program - Have fit2surf develop a complete surf specific program that is designed for you using the information that you provide in your questionairre.

What do I get in my workouts?

Each workout consists of exercises designed to target areas that you want to improve. Each exercise will display a photo, with start and finish positions, the exercise description and any other relevant information regard sets, repetitions etc.

Do you need equipment for the workouts?

Most workouts consist of home based exercises with no equipment needed. However, checkout the equipment page to get an idea of whether you think some basic equipment will benefit you i.e. if you need to improve balance - then the balance pad is an essential piece of equipment to be included in your program.

Please note: Remember, because you are able to customize your package depending on your budget or your requirements, ensure that you purchase the appropriate equipment used in the workout or have access to what is required.

How do you access a Personalised Program?

Simply, complete the Questionnaire that will help us devise your exercise program specific to your requirements and targeting areas you feel you should concentrate on.

Then go to the Shop page, choose your equipment and purchase your program. It's that simple!!!